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A Smile Can Be Worth A Million Pounds


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They say that it takes more effort to frown than it does to smile- that may be true but the effect you can have on the world by smiling far outweighs that of a frown. A frown can achieve very little whereas a smile can take you a long way.

There is a saying in psychological circles that goes like this, 'If you want to change the way people react to you then you must first change the way you relate to them.'


One day I decided to test this theory - but how? I resolved to smile at every person I made eye contact with that day - regardless of their expression. The effect it had was amazing!


Keep in mind that most of my time that day was spent in the practice therefore I was interacting with people, many of which were in pain of different and varying degrees.


You won't be surprised when I tell you that very often this pain is written all over their faces, but as our eyes met and I let out my best beaming smile the expression on their face would immediately change, and they would smile - at least most of them. A few others would be a little taken back, but that's ok, as they were just not used to it.


When little or no verbal communication takes place it's easy to get the wrong impression of a person, a smile can often override this misinterpretation - this has to make the world a better place.


Have you ever had a situation in your life where you are just not sure if you get on with a person, you haven't spoken or at least not a lot, and this can go on for sometime. Then weeks, months or even years later you find yourself in a situation where you get talking to this person and you get on like a house on fire - how and why did that happen?


Could it be that neither of you thought to smile at each other when you first made eye contact? Perhaps!


A smile also has wonderful qualities - if all seems well with the world then this can relieve much stress. A lack of stress is proven to help with the healing process and a smile either given or received, can do so much to relieve that stress.


And here is the best thing about a smile- it is worth so much, probably much more than a million pounds, but it costs us absolutely nothing at all, not a penny. Isn't that a wonderful thought?


So try to give more people a smile and make the world a happier place.