Your Journey
Our house of providers, therapists and biohack technology work together to support our clients in their goals to reach their desired human potential. We believe to reach one's optimal expression of health, one must be free of mental, physical and chemical interference with a balanced body and mind. Our unique state of the art facility integrates the latest health care technology which is complemented by highly qualified and inspired practitioners, each with their specific interests in their fields of practice.

Our Approach

We do not focus on pain and 'quick fixes' but on desired end results and achieving what our bodies should be capable of doing. We are proud to be leaders in this approach to optimal health.

Our Guarantee

If at any point during your time with us you feel that you are not achieving your desired health goals, we will take time to discuss any concerns you have. If we are unable to help you any further, and if necessary, we will refer you to a practitioner or service that we feel could support you in your ongoing needs.

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Your Journey
List Of Services


SPINAL HEALTH CARE - Chiropractic, Spinology and Zone Technique

CRANIAL TECHNIQUES - Cranial Fascial Dynamics and Cranial Facial Release



Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Osteogenic Loading with bioDensity




Red Light Therapy

Subtle Revitalisation Platform

Nutrition Coach





Digital Imaging - X-Ray

Insight - Subluxation Station

Posture Screening

Balance Tracking System

Cal Scan - Fracture Risk Assessment Tool


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Your Journey
What Our Clients Experience

So grateful to Sophia for getting my shoulder and arm to mobilise again. I walked through those doors and didn't look back.


We've been under Ben's care for yours, our daughters have been under his care from birth. We feel a 'boost' after our appointments; fresher, clearer, niggles balanced out, emotions able to flow and be released.


I had regular bouts of back pain, which restricted my lifestyle. I am now really mobile and pain free. I feel my general health has improved, and regular visits to the centre prevent me from having to use the NHS. I can now do any activity with confidence.


Sophia is friendly, approachable and puts you at ease straight away. Ben is exactly the same - all staff are welcoming and I would definitely recommend them.


I can't ever repay Ben for the way I am today, I am stick free and he's helped me through so many things he's simply the best!


After ongoing care and support from Sophia Brown D.C the headaches are not as frequent and the pain greatly reduced, improving my quality if life.





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Our Guarantee – At any point during your care with us, you feel that you are not achieving your health goal set, we will refer you to a practitioner or service we feel could further support you.

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Reaching Your Human Potential

An initial private consultation with a Chiropractor. A thorough physical examination with neurological testing. A computerised brain and spinal cord efficiency scan. Digital Imaging if deemed necessary by the Chiropractor.

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A presentation of our findings. A consultation which may recommend a bespoke care plan. A referral to the appropriate specialist if we determine that our services may not help you.

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If you decide to start your road to recovery with us, our well trained team will support and guide you. Our goal will be to get you to your health goal.

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Strengthening Your Potential

Strength & Conditioning offering bespoke personal training packages designed to build a healthier, leaner, stronger & more confident version of you.

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Furthering Your Potential

A combination of biohacks and the personal touch from our skilful therapists.

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We Value Your Feedback

We value your feedback. We are very approachable so please speak to us throughout your journey with us. We will always adapt and improve our services based on the feedback we receive.

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